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ACE…The Helpful Place!

Getting help at ACE is like going to your neighbor. Stop in today to see what's new for your next project. From spring gardening to home heating and all those spruce–up projects in between, we've got the supplies to get them done. And our expert staff is there to help with suggestions and tips to make it even easier.

You can even order online from the ACE Hardware website and have your order delivered to our store for your convenience!

NEW! Almont ACE Hardware ONLY!

Now offering a limited variety of lumber! And we've just added:
   • 4x4x8’ Treated Posts
   • 4x4x12’ Treated Posts

Call or stop in and ask an Almont Ace Hardware Associate for more lumber details and pricing!
Vinckier Ace Hardware now carries lumber! Vinckier Ace Hardware now carries lumber! Vinckier Ace Hardware now carries lumber!

4 Convenient Locations!

ACE Hardware Almont

Vinckier ACE Hardare in Almont, Michigan

4545 VanDyke Rd. Almont, MI 48003
   Open Every Day 7:00am–9:00pm

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ACE Hardware Armada

Vinckier ACE Hardare in Armada, Michigan

22960 W. Main St. Armada, MI 48005
   Open Every Day 7:00am–9:00pm

ACE Armada Map & Contact Form

ACE Hardware St. Clair

Vinckier ACE Hardware in St. Clair, Michigan

201 N. Riverside St. Clair, MI 48079
   Mon.–Sat., 7:00am–9:00pm
   Sun. 9:00am–5pm

ACE St. Clair Map & Contact Form

ACE Hardware Wadhams/Kimball

Vinckier ACE Hardare in Kimball, Michigan

5273 Lapeer Road Kimball, MI 48074
   Open Every Day 9:00am–7:00pm

ACE Wadhams/Kimball Map & Contact Form